PPF Calculator | Public Provident Fund Calculator

The Public Provident Fund came into formation in the year 1968 and the main objective was to mobilize and invest small savings where adequate returns along with extra benefits that are related to saving taxes would be received.

A retirement corpus can be built with this fund and it ensures that the risk factor involved is very low. It is a secure investment method and it guarantees returns for individuals who invest their capital in it.

Anyone can open a PPF account at public banks, nationalized banks, post offices, and even in various private banks.

In comparison to bank FDs, the returns that are from a PPF are higher and much more eye-catching which makes PPF an investment avenue that most investors will be inclined towards.

What is PPF Calculator?

PPF Calculators are used to making tough calculations simple and easy to understand. It eliminates the barriers related to long periods of time being taken to calculate the PPF and proves to be efficient. The interest rates and the returns which will be generated or earned can quickly be found out with the PPF Calculator.

The calculator starts off with an automatic minimum tenure or time period of 15 years and the individual using it can adjust this period according to their preferences. The prevalent interest rate is taken to find out the expected returns.

How can a PPF Calculator assist you?

  • Any problematic issues that may be related to the Public Provident Fund account may be answered or solved with the help of this calculator. 
  • This tool keeps an eye on the capital growth and checks up on the fluctuating interest rates. These interest rates change every month.
  • When the maturity amount is to be found out after a specific period, there are specific stipulations which are to be followed.
  • The PPF Calculator has proven to be useful when it comes to figuring out the alterations in the interest rates that have been made on a monthly basis. 
  • It is a user-friendly financial tool which is convenient and assists individuals in a well organized manner.
  • A clear estimate on the returns that can be received after investing can be easily understood with this calculator.
  • Using this tool at the stage where taxes are being planned can help you make better, informed investment decisions.
  • The amount of wealth that can be grown until an individual’s retirement stage as well as the time left can be ascertained as the PPF account has an extension option.

How do PPF Calculators work?

The calculator is not at all difficult to use and it is self-explanatory when it comes to the steps involved in finding the maturity value.

The formula which is used to calculate the PPF is, 

F = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]

The variables involved are, 

F stands for the maturity of PPF.

P denotes the annual installments involved.

I stand for the rate of interest.

n goes to show the total number of years.

In order to automatically use this computing tool, all that is required is for the user to input the required values in the given columns or spaces.

The tenure, interest that has been earned, the total amount that is invested, and the amount invested every year or month are the details that are to be entered. 

After this, the complete amount of maturity will be shown in a matter of seconds.

Inflation may affect the interest rates but otherwise, the interest rates are calculated based on the financial year in place.

For example, with this calculator if, 

When the yearly investment of an individual is INR 10000 and the time period is 15 years, taking 7.1 % as the rate of interest, the total investment value would be INR 150000. 

The total interest would amount to INR 121214 and the maturity value would equal INR 271214.


Q1. How long will it take for my investment to mature?

Ans. Maturity happens after a period of 15 years when it comes to PPF accounts. When this period is over, the full amount can be withdrawn.

Q2. Can a PPF account be continued after 15 years?

Ans. Yes, the maturity can be extended by submitting an application after the 15 years lock-in period and a block of 5 years is the extension period.

Q3. Can loans be taken against your PPF account?

Ans. Loans are available to be taken from the 3rd financial year to the 5th year.

Q4. What happens to the PPF account if money is not deposited?

Ans. The account will be deactivated if the minimum amount has not been paid in a year and to reactivate the account, INR 50 has to be paid per year as a penalty. INR 500 has to be deposited as the contribution for every inactive financial year.

Q5. Is the PPF amount free of taxes?

Ans. Deposits that have been done under this particular scheme can be claimed as deductions and the interest which is earned is also tax-free.

Q6. Is the PPF Calculator free?

Ans. Yes, this calculator is completely free for any user to utilize.

Q7. What is the interest rate that a user can get on their PPF account?

Ans. The Central Government periodically determines the rate of interest and currently, it is 7.1% per year.

Q8. Can over 1.5 lakhs be deposited in a PPF account?

Ans. The maximum amount which can be deposited is 1.5 lakhs per financial year and if any amount over this is deposited, there will be no interest generated on the excess amount.