Best Trading App in India [2021] – Top Mobile Trading Apps

Want to do trading from you mobile?

But don’t know, which is the best trading app in India for mobile.

I have researched for more than 30 hours and found the best online trading apps for you.

The list consists of the best trading apps for both iOS & android mobile users. These applications are a combination of Demat applications, NSE mobile applications, share market trading applications, and other services.

7 Best Trading App in India 2021 (Reviewed)

1.Zerodha’s KITE : Best app for Intraday Trading in India

Best Trading App in India

India’s Largest stockbroker Zerodha has its very own trading application. Zerodha’s Kite application allows users to trade and invest in stocks, futures & options, and other segments. The application is rich with features such as advanced charting, and up-to-date market data. The app’s design is also sleek accompanied by a clean user interface.

Kite is built with HTML5 technology and is available on both web and mobile platforms. The application is currently in its 3rd phase and hence is also referred to as Kite 3.0

When a consumer joins Zerodha, they are given credentials that include a login ID and password to access Kite.  It is one of the best trading app which you can consider.

Features at a glance : 

1. Fast Universal Instrument Search: You can instantly search 90,000+ equities and F&O contracts across various exchanges. Find your favorite stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, and anything else, with no delay.

2. Level 3 data with Kite 3.0: Users like us get exclusive access to level 3 data which is equivalent to a market depth of 20. It provides greater insights into market liquidity and enables the development of complex intraday trading techniques.

3. Advanced Charting: Kite has a lot of technical indicators such as RSI and MACD to name a few. These tools are easily available and configurable through a charting interface. Historical data for equities and F&O is vast.

4. Good Till Triggered feature: Users can set single-leg triggers for entering or leaving stock holdings until your price condition is fulfilled, as well as target and stop loss.

5. Stock Baskets: With the kite, You can easily create, manage and execute Multi-stock baskets. Users can also Build F&O strategies and spread orders using real-time margin

Pros :

  • Fully digital paperless account opening process. 
  • 2FA for smooth logins and higher security (fingerprint and Face ID – iOS). 2 step Authentication for Android with Google Authenticator and Login Pin.
  • Users can pick and cancel several open orders/positions at once. 
  • Active and helping Customer support 
  • Extremely user friendly even for beginners 
  • 100+ Indicators along with the ChartIQ feature.
  • Dark Mode for all the AMOLED lovers 

Platform Availability :

Kite is available on Both Android and iOS platforms as well as a web application.

Pricing :

Once you open a Demat account with Zerodha, you get credentials to login into Kite so here are the fees for account opening with Zerodha.

  • Zerodha Demat account opening fees – Rs 200.
  • Zerodha Commodity account opening fees – Rs 100.
  • Zerodha Annual maintenance fees – Rs 300

2. 5 paisa Online Trading App

5paisa is one of the leading brokerages in the country. With 5paisa you can trade on NSE, BSE, and MCX indexes. Their application has world-class graphing tools and stock market trends data which you can access on the go. If you’re new to trading, you can learn all about investing with their learning tutorials in the form of videos which are all accessible via the application.

The brokerage fees are the cheapest price in the country. For all your orders, be it Cash, F&O, or Commodities – you will get a flat fee of just Rs.20.

With more than 1.5 million clients and with a state-of-the-art digital platform, they offer a one-stop solution to meet all your financial demands.

Features at a glance :

1. Annotated Charts: Daily, weekly, and intra-day full-screen frequency charts enabling you to quickly discover buy and shortlisting areas, profit target areas, stop losses, reduce or increase stock positioning 

2. Real-Time Updates: The application is updated in real-time with Live market data, Equity Quotations, and stock prices. Don’t miss anything during the rush market hours!

3. Portfolio alerts: Users receive buy/sell alerts via emails and instant notifications on all platforms i.e Desktop browser, android, or iOS

4. Auto Investor Feature: This is an exclusive consulting feature to which helps you to choose from several strategies depending on your individual objectives.

5. Clean User Interface: Easy and straightforward user interface that allows instant navigation of your custom-made watchlists and even order books. It allows you to execute buying and selling orders with just a single click

6. 5paisa School: A fully online learning center that allows you to study all about stocks. No matter if you’re a beginner or pro, there is something for everyone. Learn anytime anywhere with a cutting-edge curriculum. lessons are available in the form of both notes and video formats. You even get certifications! 

Pros :

  • 0% brokerage fees: Flat Rs.20 for every order
  • Fully paperless account opening process 
  • 256-bit SSL encryption is used within the application to keep your data secure.
  • All in one Application – Trade-in Equities, Commodities, Derivatives, and Currency segments from one single place. 
  • Add on packs that help you get opinions and inputs from the experts on intraday and delivery trading
  • Easy Fund transfer to the application via 40 partnered banks and UPI
  • With integrated paid products like Smart Investor, Screeners, Swing Trader, Smallcases, and Sensibull , users get access to the industry’s top stock research and advice to help them determine when to buy, what to buy and when to sell stocks.
  • Users can invest in direct mutual funds, purchase insurance, invest in digital gold, and obtain personal loans all through the same application.

Platform Availability :

The 5paisa trading application is available on Both Android and iOS platforms as well as a web application.

Pricing : 

5paisa application login credentials are obtained after you open a Demat account with 5paisa. So here are the fees for the same

Demat account opening fees with 5paisa – Rs 0 (FREE)

5paisa Demat account annual maintenance Fees – Rs 540

3. Upstox Pro : Best Stock Market Trading App

Trusted by more than 29 lakh traders, Upstox is one of the largest and the best trading apps in the country. Moreover, the platform is funded by the likes of Ratan Tata, GVK Davix Technologies, and Kalaari capital. It is a stock exchange member of the NSE, NCDEX, BSE, MCX, CDSL, and NSDL.

Upstox is an in-house trading application that goes by the name Upstox Pro. No matter if you’re a long-term investor, a professional trader, or a part-time trader, you can construct a customized portfolio by selecting assets from a variety of asset classes. All from a single platform.

Through Upstox Pro, Users can make online stock trading, Buy digital gold, Trade-in Mutual funds as well as futures & Options.  

Upstox Pro Features at a Glance :

1. Universal search tool: Users get a universal search tool that will help them search simple and complex stocks 

2. Powerful Charting with 250+ Indicators: Users get access to the best charting tools such as Intelligent drawing tools, pre, and post-trade analytics along 250+ indicators to technically analyze preferred stocks and make informed decisions to book profits.

3. Trade From Charts feature: Users can trade directly from the charts using this feature to save time during rush market hours.

4. Single click Buy/Sell: Upstox Pro has a clean and neat UI that allows its users to sell and buy trades with just a single click without any hassle.

5.Clean User Interface: Upstox Pro is loaded with features but nothing is crowded, everything is at perfect balance, and users can find the feature they want with ease.

6. Price Alerts: Users get frequent updates on how their selected stocks are performing through emails or push notifications. It can be customized by the users. 

Pros :

  • Fully paperless account opening procedure.
  • 0 brokerage on Stock investments
  • Rs. 20 for every order for Intraday trading and F&O, Currencies, and Commodities
  • Transfer or add funds easily to the Upstox pro application via UPI or NetBanking
  • Value add on packs to help users make more informed decisions
  • Historical financial data of stocks for the last 10 years.
  • Users can set an unlimited number of Price alerts.

Pricing :

  • Upstox Account Opening fees: 249 Rs
  • Upstox Demat Yearly Maintenance fees: 300 Rs

Platform Availability : 

The Upstox Pro trading application is available on both Android and iOS platforms as well as a web application.

4. Angel Broking Online Trading App

Angel broking is one of the pioneers of the Indian trading scene. They’ve been in the market for 3 plus decades. Highly trusted by millions in the country, they have a trading application that is powered by High tech auto advisory engine ARQ.

Angel Broking ARQ keeps you invested in the best-performing stocks and mutual funds all around the year while keeping the smart trading platform Fast, Simple, and Secure.

It is one of the most advanced mobile trading applications in India, providing multi-asset trading such as stock trading, derivatives, currencies, and commodities on the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX indexes. Angel Broking app also allows you to invest in IPOs and mutual funds.

Features at a glance : 

1. Seamless Online Trading: The application is well built with a clean user interface. Users can make a custom watchlist and monitor their favorite stocks on the go, making it easier for them to keep track of their investments.

2. Personalized Advisory: If you ever run out of investing ideas, the Angel Broking trading app provides you with personalized recommendations and investment ideas. ARQ technology gives you a rule-based investing engine.

3. Buy/Sell in a matter of seconds: With the Angel broking application, users can make a stock purchase or sell in just a single click. Whereas an IPO can be bought in just 3 clicks. This ease of use is super valuable during rush market hours where every second matters.

4. Never miss a notification: The Angel Broking app provides regular trends and payment-related alerts, so you don’t miss out on any money-making opportunity.

5. Angel Broking Knowledge center: Angel Broking provides you with stock trading and investment expertise. A knowledge center is a place that is organized into sections that teach investing-related ideas, words, techniques, and practices so that you may trade in the market more effectively. All of it can be accessed via the application 

Pros :

  • 100% paperless account opening process.
  • Integrated add ons like Smallcase, Streak, Vested for extra benefits.
  • Ability to transfer and add funds from 40+ networked banking partners and also UPI.
  • Daily news along with reminders and insights to keep up with the finance world.
  • Real-time commentary on Budget days 
  • Access to 40 technical chart indicators and overlays to assist you in analyzing all aspects of your preferred stock.
  • You can access your portfolio and reports with an OTP. 
  • Once registered, you will have immediate access to all Non-trading information on the app. All of it, done with just a few taps.

Pricing :

Trading & Demat Account Opening Fees (One Time) – Rs 0

Trading account yearly maintenance Fees AMC  – Rs 0

Demat Account Yearly Maintenance Fees – Rs 450

Platform Availability :

Angel Broking Trade – Android and iOS application 

Angel Broking Trade – a platform for web browsers

Angel Broking SpeedPro – Desktop Application

5. HDFC Securities Mobile Trading App

A subsidiary of the HDFC bank HDFC Securities is an online trading platform. They have their very own trading application which allows online trading with just a few clicks. Loaded with powerful features, HDFC Securities is a next-generation trading application with a crisp design and enhanced User interface which will change the way you make trades.

In addition to trading in stocks and derivatives, the app allows you to invest in digital gold and NCDs. Furthermore, the app includes an incorporated chat with support staff services to help users resolve difficulties swiftly.

Features at a glance : 

1. Live Market Data: The application is constantly updated with insights, News, Trends, and other finance-related data to help you make informed decisions every time.

2. Chart IQ: It’s a real-time charting system with cutting-edge, interactive capabilities. It allows you to view the stock market more clearly, helps you manage your portfolio better, and finds better possibilities more rapidly.  

3. Exhaustive Portfolios: Users can track their portfolios on the go and keep a check on all their investments with ease without any hassle.

4. NAV Watchlists: Get the price per unit value of all your mutual funds through a NAV Watchlist. Everything in one place!

5. 3in1 integrated Account: With HDFC Securities, you get a Savings Account + Demat Account + Trading account, all of it in one single account.

6. HDFC Knowledge Base: Users get access to the HDFC knowledge base via the application which has interactive demos which will help them enhance their market understanding.

Pros :

  • Fully Paperless account opening 
  • 3in1 account (Savings + Demat + Trading)
  • Execute Buying & Selling orders directly from the watchlist
  • Access to trending investment insights and ideas
  • Apply to an IPO in just 3 clicks 
  • Get daily research calls 
  • Get news and views which will impact your portfolio
  • All account details are in one section, “profile”

Pricing : 

Account opening fees: Rs 999 which includes 3in1 (trading account, bank account, and DP account with HDFC)

Platform Availability : 

The HDFC  Securities mobile trading application is available on Both Android and iOS platforms.

6. Groww:  Best Trading App for Beginners in India

Groww is comparatively new to the trading scene in the country but it outperforms many other veterans in the game. Coming from a Bengaluru-based fintech company, Groww, is used by 10+ million Indians as of 2021.

Groww lets you trade in BSE & NSE. Users can also purchase US stocks through the platform.

Invest in mutual funds and equities quickly, safely, and with ease from the comfort of your own home. 

It is one of India’s quickest growing trading platforms, having a client base of more than 90 lakh customers as of November 2020. On the application, users have access to a plethora of ebooks to gain financial insights.

Features at a glance : 

1. Investment Ease: Users can invest in any form of fund, as long as they meet the AMC requirements. It allows users to either make a lump sum (one-time) investment or Set up a SIP, whichever they prefer.

2. Momentum Indicators: Groww has hundreds of dedicated indicators. To add to that, It has Momentum Indicators. They have commonly used tools for technical analysis by traders to assess the pace at which a stock’s price varies. They are a great addition to other indicators.

3. Ready-Made Recommendations: Groww allows its users to invest in a ready-made portfolio of mutual funds which are curated and suggested by experts in the field.  There are also lists of Top-rated Mutual funds From various categories.

4. Financial Reports: users get access to Balance sheets, P&L reports, and other finance-related reports from any company listed on BSE and NSE exchanges. This helps users to make an informed decision.

Pros :

  • Your account is ready to use within minutes after you successfully complete your one-time KYC process.
  • Their Mutual Fund SIP calculator will help users in forecasting the returns on investment over time.
  • Groww 128 bit SSL Encryption, the highest degree of encryption for all their transactions, making the application as secure as a bank.
  • Users get the finest trading experience through an appealing user interface.
  • Dark Mode for a screenshot-worthy experience.
  • Lowest Brokerage.
  • Users get access to a whole database of learning material in the form of ebooks and videos relating to Finance.

Pricing : 

Groww account opening fees: Zero (FREE)

Groww Trading account AMC  Zero  (Absolutely FREE) 

Platform Availability : 

The Groww trading application is available on Both Android and iOS platforms.

7. Kotak securities: Best Trading App

A subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak securities is one of India’s most trusted brokerage firms. It currently has a client base of 17+ lakh customers.

Kotak Securities have a dedicated mobile trading application that allows you to trade on NSE and BSE indexes. Users receive Daily stock market news on the Nifty and Sensex through the trading application. Even if you are watching the BSE and NSE live, base your trading selections on information from research papers.  Built-in Watchlists and charting tools come in handy, allowing you to track share price changes over time.

Features at a glance : 

1. 3in1 Account: Get a Savings bank account, a Demat account, and a trading account with Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited at the same time.

2. Hands-on research reports: Kotak Securities has a research team that publishes research reports to its users periodically to help them make informed decisions.

3. Customizable: The application allows you to build your own customized market view so You can observe the data you desire, such as intraday charts, end-of-day charts,  scrip alerts, and much more

4. SMS Alerts and Calling: Users can put stocks on a watch and set conditions, as soon as the conditions are met, users will get instant notifications of the same. Users also receive SIP and Technical calls on a regular basis.


  • Get 3in1 account 
  • 100% paperless account opening process
  • HTTPS protocol, and military level encryption keep your funds and your trades safe.
  • Manage your watchlists, charts, orders, and reports all from a single interface.
  • Real-time market scanners ensure that you never miss an opportunity.
  • With the integrated News & Events monitor, you can keep up with market developments.

Platform Availability :

Kotak Stock trader – Android & iOS application 

KEAT (Kotak Securities trading Access Terminal) – Desktop TRading application

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who controls the trading applications activities?

Ans: SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) supervises and controls the Indian capital and securities markets, ensuring that investors’ interests are protected by developing rules and standards. SEBI’s headquarters are at Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex.

Q2. Which is the Best Trading App?

Ans: All of the above-mentioned applications are fully trustworthy. But may have hidden charges and costs. Investments are subjected to market risks. Please read all the terms and conditions before opening an account with any DP and starting investing.

Q3. Which trading app is best for beginners?

Ans: If you’re a beginner, Zerodha Kite and groww are an ideal choice for you as they have very user-friendly and tons of resources to learn from.

Q4. Which trading app has the most positive user reviews?

Ans: Groww has the most positive ratings amongst all the trading applications out there with 4.3/5 on Google Playstore and 4.5/5 on Apple store.

Q5. Can I use two trading apps simultaneously?

Ans: Yes, You can have accounts with two separate trading apps simultaneously. However, You cannot have two accounts on a single trading platform with the same KYC details.

Q6. What will I need to start trading?

Ans: To start, You’ll need to have a trading demat account. For that, you’ll need the following documents to complete the KYC Process.

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Canceled Cheque
  • Passport size photo 
  • Updated Bank Statement 
  • Other identity proofs if available.

Once you successfully complete the one-time KYC process, you’ll get access to your trading account and you can start trading.

Q7. As a beginner, which are the applications that I should avoid?

Ans: We recommend not to go for any other applications which are not mentioned in this article. All the above-mentioned applications are user-friendly and have great tech support which will guide you if you need any help as a beginner.

Final Thoughts 

The stock market is ever-changing and may change direction in a matter of seconds. Things can go south as well as uphill in no time.  That is why you need to stay up with the market’s pace.  Trading applications have made it possible for traders to have instant updates on their preferred trades and make quick decisions based on the circumstances. 

Features like stop-loss, auto-buy, and sell have really helped users over time. 

Choosing the right fit of trading application for you can be tough as almost every application has great features and its own pros. We have mentioned the most relevant ones in our article and we hope that you choose the application which suits your needs the most.

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