About Us

Noob Investor is an initiative to educate people about investing and personal finance. Our aim is to share knowledge and empower people to invest. 

In India, when someone says stock market. People think it’s gambling. We want to change that.

On Noob Investor, we will talk on topics like personal finance, share market and everything which can help you to use your money smartly. 

Our Story: 

We are two young brothers Sanjay & Sunil, who were once a noob about investing and we had no one to guide us.

The one in the image throwing money like anything is me (Sunil) and other one who is catching money is Sanjay, LOL

We started talking to people, read books and did hours of research to learn about investing. 

We felt that there are a lot of youngsters like us who are not educated enough about personal finance and investing. 

That is the moment, 

When we decided to start Noob Investor: Your Investment Buddy 

We are not professional advisors, we are also learning in the process and sharing our knowledge with you.